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Unani Tibb

Dr Faeeza Abdullatief

Services offered include Consultation with assessment of temperament/body type and a tailored holistic treatment plan to bring you back to your ideal balanced state. Various diagnostic tests are used including medical assessment and examinations, tongue and pulse diagnosis, assessment of lifestyle and referral for other diagnostics e.g. imaging, blood tests to diagnose the patient. A treatment plan is then implemented which may include Lifestyle advice, herbal treatment, therapies e.g. Massage, cupping therapy.

Medical consultation

Consultation: Involves taking a full medical history, reviewing the patient's diet and lifestyle factors (sleep, emotional state/psychological wellbeing, elimination, physical activity, and contributing environmental factors), examination of blood pressure, vital signs and physical examinations leading to diagnosis. Referral for further tests and investigations also provided where required.

Pulse and tongue anlaysis

Pulse and tongue diagnosis: This is an ancient form of diagnosis used in Unani Tibb. The Unani Tibb practitioner will evaluate various parameters of the pulse and tongue which reflects the state of internal organs. It serves as a map to the state of the organs and gives the practitioner insight into where the patients imbalance or dis-ease is stemming from.

Temperament Analysis

Temperament Analysis: Unique to Unani Tibb where every individual has a unique composition which is made up by their personality, physical features, preferences which also predisposes you to certain diseases. The practitioner aims to assist the patient to maintain their ideal balanced state by advising on diet, lifestyle and other forms of treatment within the Unani Tibb scope of practice.


Dietotherapy/ Dietary Guidelines in Unani Tibb focusses on providing advice on foods that will assist to restore the patient back to his/her ideal health state. Specific foods are advised to correct the cause of disease and provide adequate nutrients to support the patients health and wellbeing.

Lifestyle Advice

Lifestyle advice involving advising on certain types of movement and exercises, breathing exercises, Self help techniques to support emotional wellbeing and detoxification.


Unani Tibb uses Aromatherapy as a form of treatment. Specific oils (essential oils and others) with pharmacological actions to support the patient's condition is used.

Cupping Treatment

Cupping therapy is an ancient technique and main form of treatment used in Unani Tibb. It involves applying suction cups to specific locations on the body to stimulate specific organs. The two main forms of cupping is dry cupping and wet cupping. It is largely used for detoxification, muscle and joint pain relief but can be used for a wide range of illnesses such as anxiety, chronic disease of lifestyle and female reproductive disorders to name a few.

Herbal Medicine

Unani Tibb practitioners compound specific herbal formulations for patients according to their condition e.g. herbal medication in the form of pills, tea, tinctures, confectionary, medicated creams and oils. They may also prescribe natural medication.

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