Dr Faeeza Abdullatief

Director & Unani Tibb Practitioner

BSc Complementary Health Sciences (UWC)

B Complementary Medicine, Unani Tibb (UWC)


Dr Faeeza Abdullatief is a Unani Tibb practitioner, who obtained her qualifications from the University of the Western Cape, School of Natural Medicine in 2010. She is also registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.

She has lectured and supervised University students in Unani Tibb since 2014. She is also the former chairperson of the South African Tibb Association (Western Cape Branch) which provides support to practitioners on continuous professional/educational development (CPD/CEU). She completed her internship through the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb Treatment Centre serving the Langa township and Athlone region. She has served on the AHPCSA (Allied health professions council of South Africa) board from 2017-2021 which regulates Natural Medicine practitioners in SA.

Community engagement is one of her major interests to educate and empower the community on healthy living with the use of natural medicine and Unani Tibb specially. She has appeared on various media platforms discussing healthy living with Natural Medicine including radio, tv, magazine and newspaper articles.

Her areas of interest include chronic disease of lifestyle (including diseases of lifestyle such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes), Alternative pain management for conditions like sports injuries and arthritic conditions as well as family healthcare.


In her international profile, she has attended and presented at the BRICS think tank symposium of traditional medicine in Beijing, China 2018 on Healthy cities. She was also a panelist representing Unani Tibb in South Africa at the World Health Organisation (WHO) Standardisation of Unani Terminology, Jamnagar, India 2019.

Her research interests are in the field of Child and Family studies to expand the knowldege on the usage of Natural Medicine in the family/household for the health and well being of the family.


 For more information you can visit Dr Faeeza Abdullatief's professional profile on https://za.linkedin.com/in/dr-faeeza-abdullatief-77a2834

Email: dr.faeeezaabdullatief@gmail.com


Dr Khalida Sabi


BSc Complementary Health Sciences (UWC)

B Complementary Medicine, Naturopathy (UWC)


Dr Sabi is a Naturopath by profession. She specializes in Therapeutic dietary modules,Supplementation,Detox therapy, Medical fasting, Aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, Tissue salts, Massage Therapy, Thermal therapy, Vibrational therapy,
Hydrotherapy, Light therapy, Reflex therapy and Electrotherapy.

Dr Sabi is passionate about creating awareness of the Naturopathy modality which is based on a patient- centered approach, with a strong focus on a prevention rather than cure mindset. 
Dr Sabi has completed her masters titled “A comparative study of the relationship between parenting styles and BMI scores of children in low and high socio economic areas” in Child and Family Studies (Social Work) in 2016. She has also written a book chapter in the book ‘Self-Determination Theory - A Family Perspective’ in
2016. The book chapter is titled “A review of SDT on parenting styles and BMI scores of children in low and high socio economic areas”.


Furthermore, Dr Sabi has presented her research at International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine in Barcelona, Spain (2016). She is currently registered for her PhD through the Child and Family studies program and is co-supervising a Masters student within the CFS program.


Dr Maryam Kisten


BSc Complementary Health Sciences (UWC)

B Complementary Medicine Phytotherapy (UWC)

Dr Mariyam Kisten is a Phytotherapist (Western Herbal Medicine) and former lecture for  Phytotherapy (Herbal medicine) students in Herbal Pharmacognocy, Clinical Phytotherapy and Herbal Pharmacy. She also has experience in clinical supervision of Phytotherapy students. 

In her personal capacity she is a very community oriented person and heads an organisation called Ansaarul Mu'min where she participates in outreach events and runs a functional mentorship program for both males and females. 

She is passionate about educating the community and regularly provides talks for various organisations on her expertise including herbal medicine, health and wellness, spiritual wellbeing and lifestyle diseases. 


Meisoraa Stemmet


BSc Physiotherapy (UWC)

Meisoraa Stemmet is a Physiotherapist who obtained her undergraduate qualification at the University of Western Cape, Department of Physiotherapy. She is registered with Health Professions Council of South Africa. She obtained a post graduate course in dry needling.

She was one of the front line workers at the CTICC Hospital of Hope during the midst of the pandemic. 

Community work has always been close to her heart, striving to deliver free rehabilitation services to disadvantage communities, so that quality of life can be improved/maintained. 

Her area of interests include neuromuscular injuries, sports injuries, neurological conditions, pediatrics, orthopedics and geriatrics.


Email: m.stemmet.physiotherapist@gmail.com

Number: 0683622322