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FREE HEALTH SCREENING: Kickstart your health this Spring!

With winter (and lockdown), Spring is a great time to start start afresh with getting your health back on track. Now is the time for detoxification and changing your lifestyle habits to transmission into a new healthier YOU!

Ever wonder why you feel like you lack energy or can't concentrate? These are typical signs of toxin build up due to poor dietary or lifestyle habits which cause a build up of free radicals. These free radicals are naturally produced by the body as protective mechanisms against pathogens (harmful organisms that cause infections) and exposure to radiation or other toxins in the environment. When too much of these free radicals are produced it can cause damage to cells and thus reduce energy production, leaving you feeling tired and lacking energy. This is why we need to include antioxidants in our diet to help protect our cells from damage, like vitamin E and Vitamin C. This can be found in various fruits and vegetables as well as in nuts and seeds. Other forms of detoxification is with changing lifestyle habits like exercising, eating a nutritious diet with sufficient water and fiber intake. Alternative therapies like massage, cupping therapy and acupuncture can help to speed up detoxification and eliminate toxins.

To give you a kickstart, Natural therapeutics Healthcare Centre is offering free health screening on the opening weekend 3rd & 4th October 2020. This will include:

- Blood pressure check

- BMI assessment

- General health screening and lifestyle assessment

Take this opportunity to get your health in check and meet the team of alternative medicine practitioners.

Our centre offers various services and treatment options to assist you detoxification toward achieving optimum health including:

- Dietary and Lifestyle recommendations

- Cupping therapy

- Acupuncture

- Natural/ Herbal medications and supplementation

Book your appointment now (Check bookings page)

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