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Drug free alternative therapies for back pain

Recent studies show that Low back pain (LBP) is the most common musculoskeletal problem globally and the leading cause of activity limitation and absenteeism from work and results in a huge medical burden and economic cost.

Natural medicine offers various treatment methods to manage LBP. Here are some of the proven therapies that we offer at our centre from our practitioners to assist you in managing your pain:

Dry Cupping therapy: Studies show a significant reduction in the pain intensity score through the use of cupping therapy(1)

Wet Cupping therapy: According to another study, this form of therapy delivered in a primary care setting was safe and acceptable to patients with nonspecific low back pain. Wet-cupping care was significantly more effective in reducing bodily pain than usual care at 3-month follow-up (2)

Acupuncture: A systematic review study revealed that Acupuncture is more clinically effective in pain relief and functional improvement than no treatment at short-term follow-up. In addition, acupuncture as an adjunct to conventional therapy provides short-term clinically relevant improvements in pain and functional measures for the treatment of chronic low back pain (3)

Aromatherapy and massage therapy: Research on this shows significant positive effect of aromatherapy in reducing pain. These results indicate that aromatherapy should be considered a safe addition to current pain management procedures as no adverse effects were reported in any of the included studies. Additionally, the cost associated with aromatherapy is far less than the cost associated with standard pain management treatment (4)

Herbal treatment: Herbal medicines have been used to effectively manage pain in various forms of traditional ancient medicines in the East. Some of these include ginger, rosehip and white willow bark (5)

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