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10-16 Feb Pregnancy Awareness Week: Natural Ways to keep healthy during pregnancy

February 10th, marks Pregnancy Awareness Week which aimed to strengthen pregnancy education and stress important issues that promote a healthy pregnancy and safe motherhood. The following facts are currently of concern regarding pregnancy worldwide:

Nearly 830 women die every day due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Some of the reasons for this is that woman may develop medical complications during pregnancy like severe bleeding, infections, unsafe abortion, hypertensive disorders (pre-eclampsia and eclampsia), and medical complications like cardiac disease, diabetes, or HIV/AIDS complicating or complicated by pregnancy..

This week our team came together for an online talk live on our instagram page on Guidelines to healthy pregnancy and birth with Natural Medicine. Our practitioners from different modalities/expertise shared their insight into how Natural Medicine can assist the mom-to-be with her nutrition, pregnancy ailments, postpartum care and breastfeeding related ailments. Hare are some of the highlights of our talk:

Dr Khalida Sabi (Naturopath) shared her insight from a naturopathic perspective on the importance of diet and nutrition before conception and during pregnancy. She highlighted the importance of managing conditions like PCOS, Diabetes when planning pregnancy so that there is a lower risk during pregnancy for complications. Another important topic of mental health and wellbeing in women prior and during pregnancy and how this affects the overall wellness of pregnancy was discussed. Woman need a good support system as well.

Dr Mariyam Kisten (Phytotherapist) gave valuable information on herbal remedies like ginger for common pregnancy ailments like nausea, importance of toning and nourishing the womb to prepare for birth and remedies used for postpartum recovery. She also gave some advice on herbs to use for breastmilk production like aniseed, fennel and fenugreek. With regard to postpartum recovery, herbal sitz baths can be used to increase recovery after delivery in conjunction with good nutritional foods.

Dr Shaunaugh Mae Dass (Chinese medicine practitioner) discussed interesting acupuncture treatments for management of breech delivery. Acupuncture can also be safely used for many ailments during pregnancy as well.

Dr Faeeza Abdullatief (Unani Tibb Practitioner) discussed how early antenatal care and recognition of dangers signs like spotting, bleeding and abdominal pain should seek urgent medical attention. Regular check ups also monitor if any high risk conditions are present like diabetes, high blood pressure or preeclampsia. She also discussed the Unani Tibb perspective of pregnancy and how to manage conditions like carpel tunnel syndrome and sciatica which occur due to impinchment of nerves common during pregnancy. Massage and aromatherapy can also be used for treatment of aches and pains in pregnancy. Pregnant moms can also improve their iron with intake of blackstrap mollasess, beetroot, collard greens and dates and raisins. With breastfeeding and newborn care, massage therapy and consulting a lactation consultant could also help support mothers and help to manage colic in newborns.

Overall, it is important to note that Natural Medicine can be beneficial to the management of a healthy pregnancy and use of less invasive treatments to safely treat common issues in pregnancy. However, this should be under the guidance of a qualified practitioner as there could be contraindications to using certain forms of natural medicine if used incorrectly without adequate knowledge.

We look froward to doing more talks with you so drop us a message on topics you would like us to discuss!


The information and other content provided in this blog, or in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. Please consult a qualified practitioner if you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned.

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